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Carbon Brushing Machine Mario Crosta

Mario Crosta Ceramic Brushing 

Year of manufacture: 2006

With the following description: Mario Crosta Ceramic/Carbon Emerizing & Brushing Machine For Peaching Touch.
Modell SPT/6-CM complete with the following accessories.
YOC: 2006
Roller width 2.000 mm
Max working width 1900 mm
Production speed 5.30 mtrs/min
Entry and exit at same side
Suitable for cotton and synthetic textile.
Operation possibilities: Batch to Batch or Batch to Cart or Cart to Batch or Cart to Cart.
Plaiting width 800 mm.
forward and reversed operating direction
Machine color light grey (RAL 7032) and dark grey (RAL 7022)
Meter and operating hours measuring devices.
Winding motion
Programming arrangement
Work/shifts start/reset arrangement
Airconditioned Electricalpanel
Beater/hammering roller in the machine on the left cloth side
Beater/hammering roller in the machine on the exit left cloth side
One addittional Draw-roller at cloth exit
Tangential winding-up arrangement
Plaiting Arrangement
Stich detector SEAM Jumper
Upper installed spread roller at cloth entry
Double Stretcher/Spreader with fixed stave at entry
Double Stretcher/Spreader for open width cloth with a 360° alteration/adjustment
5 wide spreader with fixed stave inside the machine
1x Ionisator (Antistatic Rod at exit)
1x adjustable bow roller at exit
Complete suction/filtration unit included.

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